School age group (ages 6-14)

The school age program's mission is to provide children with a safe, fun, and relaxing place to be. The atmosphere is designed to be different from the school environment, a comfortable place between school and home.

Dartmouth Children's Center provides care and programs to children before and after school as well as during school closings and school vacations.

Before school, children have the opportunity to bring their breakfast and eat at the center. After school children will be provided with a nutritious snack.

Within the school age program, there will be areas for quiet work, reading, arts and crafts and recreational activities. The children are involved in the planning of their days. Group projects are offered to promote a child's positive self-esteem, curiosity, creativity and sense of responsibility. Individual projects will encourage the development of life skills and enhance motor skills. Activities will augment the child's language, reading and writing skills as well as promote creative problem solving.



Group Activities

  • drama
  • cooking
  • woodworking
  • theme related art projects
  • Recreational games (basketball, wiffle ball, relay races, soccer, kickball etc.)

Individual Activities

  • hobby crafts, pottery, jewelry making
  • self-expression with art media such as clay, paint


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