The Preschool Program

Ages 2 years 9 months to 7 years

There are but two lasting gifts
we can give our children.
One is roots, the other is wings .

Children two years nine months through kindergarten enter our preschool groups. Each preschool class, which is no larger than 19, is mixed in age. It is our belief that children learn greatly through their interactions with other children. Younger children will have the role models of older children while older children will benefit from positive feelings of having mastered and being the teacher at certain skills. The preschool group will be consistent in staff and children.

Within a scheduled routine, children will have the opportunity to participate in smaller group structured activities with peers at their developmental level. Under the supervision and guidance of our teachers, children will interact in a classroom setting which has been designed to encourage exploration, social interaction and learning. Within these groups, children will participate in language rich, multi-sensory child centered activities. Inviting environmental play areas will include, listening centers, library, art, dramatic play, big blocks, puzzles and hands on toys, gross motor play as well as regularly introduced themes.

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